Evidence suggests that Iowa Law Professor Christina Bohanan, who announced her run against Representative Marrianete Miller-Meeks (R-IA 2nd District), failed to list a past position in her financial report as required by her election run.

Bohannan, who is considered a faculty member at the University of Iowa, is listed as the Iowa Law School Foundation Director (ILSF). IRS filings and other documents covering the year of 2019 point to her past position.

Evidence alludes to the possibility that she may have left the ILSF recently, as she is currently not listed as a member of its board of directors.

Either way, IRS filings and other documentation obtained by Iowa Field Report point to the grave possibility that Bohannan failed to report her position to the ILSF within her initial financial disclosure report.

Such a failed act would be in direct violation of a House Ethics rule that requires first-year candidates to disclose any positions “Held at any time during the current calendar year up to the date of filing, plus the two prior calendar years.”

According to the financial disclosure report filed in October 2021, the only disclosed position included by Bohannan is merely a University of Iowa Endowed Fellowship.

The EIGA lists a multitude of specific positions that must be reported regardless of whether compensation was rendered or not. Such reportable positions that must be documented are non-profit organizations, such as the very Iowa Law School Foundation non-profit organization that Bohannan is a director for.

“Bohannan has a consistent problem of misleading Iowans. First, she lied on her resume, and now she’s breaking House ethics rules. Iowans don’t tolerate this kind of mischief from elected officials, and neither does the House of Representatives,” said Republican Party Of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton in a statement to Iowa Field Report.