Former Campaign Manager Alleges Franken is a Serial Perpetrator of Unwanted Advances Toward Women

Former Franken Campaign Manager: After Night of Drinking, Franken “Grabbed the Collar of the Vest She Was Wearing and Kissed Her on Her Mouth” Before She Could “Pull Away”

After Alleged Assault, Franken Lawyers Allegedly Attempted to Silence Former Campaign Manager Kimberley Strope-Boggus

Incident “Something That [Mike Franken] Has Done to Several Other Women”

Mike Franken “Has Displayed These Behaviors with Many Women”

According to a Des Moines Police Department incident report filed in April of this year exclusively obtained by Iowa Field Report, Mike Franken’s former Campaign Manager accused the candidate of unwanted advances, grabbing her, and kissing her on the mouth without consent.

In the police report, the name of the alleged assailant is blacked out, but context clues, including mention of staff names and their roles, make abundantly clear the name in question is indeed Senate candidate Mike Franken. The incident report type is labeled “Assault – Simple.”

According to the police report, the alleged incident occurred near an Ace Hardware parking lot after Franken and Strope-Boggus, whose name is misspelled in the report, had drinks at a Des Moines bar on March 18, 2022.

In the police report, Franken’s former campaign manager said the Democratic Senate candidate “grabbed the collar of the vest she was wearing and kissed her on her mouth” before she could “pull away.”

Following the alleged assault, Ms. Strope-Boggus said she stayed in contact with Franken and spoke with him but didn’t discuss the incident specifically, according to the report.

According to the anti-sexual assault nonprofit TIME’S UP Foundation, “Most victims know their abuser, so it is not uncommon for survivors of sexual violence at the hands of a professional acquaintance or intimate partner to maintain contact with their abuser. However, doing so does not mean that the victim ‘consented’ in any way to the perpetrator’s abusive behavior.”

Details in the police report were corroborated in several tweets posted near the time of the incident by Ms. Strope-Boggus’ wife, Becky.

After those tweets were posted and then reposted by Ms. Strope-Boggus, Franken’s lawyers allegedly contacted Ms. Strope-Boggus’ lawyers and attempted to silence her. “[Mike Franken’s] team advised her lawyer that that was a violation of the nondisclosure that she signed when she was terminated,” the report stated.

In recalling the incident, she described Franken as having “1950s interactions with women” and that this was “something that he has done to several other women.” Mike Franken “has displayed these behaviors with many women,” she alleges in the report.

Mike Franken, 64, is married with two kids.

Franken is running against U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley in the midterm election. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report rates the Iowa Senate Race as “Solid Republican.”

According to the April police report, no further investigative action was taken.

When contacted, Ms. Strope-Boggus had no comment.

Iowa Field Report has reached out to Franken’s campaign for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

Editors Note:  The PDF provided below is a public record the same document Iowa Field Report received from the Des Moines Police Department, with one exception. The address of the victim has been redacted.