With Labor Day over, it’s officially the start of the 2022 political season, and Republican Candidate for Attorney General Brenna Bird is off to a great start!

Brenna just announced a million-dollar donation from The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA). This money will be critical for Brenna’s ability to run television ads and increase her name ID. 

“Iowa is trending in the right direction, and all indicators show that Brenna Bird can win this race on Election Day,” said Peter Bisbee, Executive Director of RAGA. “With Joe Biden trampling on the constitution and the freedoms of everyday Iowans, the office of attorney general is more important today than it has ever been. Brenna is the right candidate to take Biden head on.” 

Brenna has also added campaign staff, bringing in Marshall Moreau as her campaign manager and elevating Matt Deike to the role of deputy campaign manager. Marshall worked a number of statewide races, his latest being the RNC state director for Virginia during the 2021 gubernatorial campaign. Matt previously served as a campaign coordinator and was a clerk for State Representative Matt Windschitl. 

Brenna and her team have been building momentum across the state this summer, campaigning from county to county, meeting with sheriffs, and sending the message that, unlike our current attorney general, she will take Joe Biden to court. Throughout the campaign, Bird has been fundraising neck and neck with Miller. 

RAGA’s significant donation, alongside Brenna’s operation, has put the campaign on a strong path to victory. 

“We can’t take anything for granted,” said Brenna Bird to Iowa Field Report. “My campaign is running full steam ahead, and it’s critical that Iowa gets an Attorney General who will stand up to Joe Biden and protect the freedoms of Iowans.” 

Election Day is November 8th.

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