The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust today filed a complaint against US Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The complaint alleges that Greenfield illegally coordinated with the Senate Majority PAC headed by Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting accountability ethics and transparency and government and civic areas. The complaint calls on the FEC to investigate and take “appropriate enforcement actions to address apparent violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act by Theresa Greenfield, her campaign committee, Theresa Greenfield for Iowa, and the super PAC, Senate Majority PAC.”

According to FACT’s press release from this morning,

…in February 2020, Theresa Greenfield for Iowa updated its website, using the precise format to provide information for an advertisement along with campaign video to be used in it. Just weeks later, Senate Majority PAC released an advertisement containing the information and video from Greenfield’s campaign, reportedly spending over $1 million on distribution.


FACT maintains that such coordination between a Senate candidate and super PAC for the purpose of running advertisements is a violation of federal law.


Furthermore, Senate Majority PAC is prohibited from republishing campaign materials, including photographs and video from a campaign committee, as the action would constitute an illegal in-kind contribution to the committee and respective candidate.

Read the full FEC complaint here.

Coordination Timeline


The video produced for the super PAC above.

Today’s FEC complaint is another black eye for Greenfield, who’s conduct towards big money and special interests have earned her insults for members of her party, even from her fellow Democratic primary opponent, Michael Franken. In February, this site reported on Greenfield’s acceptance of more than $355,000 worth of contributions from special interest groups and corporate-funded leadership PACs. Iowa Field Report also revealed that Greenfield’s campaign accepted thousands of dollars from a lawyer who helped Harvey Weinstein conceal his history of sexual harassment and hush money settlements during contract negotiations.

Greenfield, a corporate real estate broker from Minnesota, planned previously to run for Congress in 2018. She withdrew from the race after her staff submitted fraudulent signatures to gain ballot access. Greenfield will be running for the Democratic nomination against four others; Michael Franken of Sioux City, Kimberly Graham of Indianola, Eddie Mauro of Des Moines, and Cal Woods of Des Moines. The primary election is set for June 2nd.