The Club For Growth Foundation completed its 2021 Iowa legislative scorecard. Iowa Field Report has it first. The Club for Growth Foundation advocates for free markets, pro-growth policies, and creating economic prosperity.

Each year the organization conducts a study on how members of congress and, in select instances, state legislators vote on key issues and then score the candidates. The 2021 score is based on 17 Iowa House votes and 14 Iowa Senate votes. According to their website, its scorecard is “based on selected votes of importance to the Club For Growth Foundation and does not include the complete voting record of any legislator.” 

Key Takeaways:

Iowa Senate

  • Average Republican Score: 78% 
  • Average Democrat Score: 9% 
  • Highest-Rated Republican: Senator Jason Schultz (SD-09) – 90%  
  • Highest-Rated Democrat: Senator Kevin Kinney (SD-39) – 27% 
  • Lowest-Rated Republican: Senator Tom Shipley (SD-11) – 63%  
  • Lowest Rated Democrats:  
  • Several with 7% 

Iowa House

  • Average Republican Score: 59% 
  • Average Democrat Score: 13% 
  • Highest-Rated Republicans: 
  • Rep. Skyler Wheeler (HD-04)- 71% 
  • Rep. Jeff Shipley (HD-82) – 71% 
  • Highest Rated Democrat: Rep. Wes Breckenridge (HD-29) – 33% 
  • Lowest Rated Republican: Rep. Brian Lohse (HD-30) – 40% 
  • Lowest Rated Democrat: Rep. Marti Anderson (HD-36) – 0% 

The full Iowa Senate Scorecard can be found HERE

The full Iowa House Scorecard can be found HERE

Club For Growth provided the following statement to Iowa Field Report

“Through the release of this scorecard series, the Club for Growth Foundation is looking at how state legislatures perform in terms of pro-growth policies,” said Club for Growth Foundation President David McIntosh. “We believe that this scorecard will help inform citizens and entrepreneurs about who supports the policies that promote economic prosperity.”