Iowa Democrat nominee for Governor, Deidre DeJear, is a regular contributor to a radical anti-white and anti-police publication.

In this particular edition, she has made radical statements about Voter ID legislation, and race in a Progressive Des Moines Magazine called Urban City. This magazine is known for making anti-law enforcement and anti-white statements. DeJear is listed as a contributor to the magazine.

In the op-ed, DeJear attacks the Iowa law requiring a photo ID to be shown to vote by quoting an 1852 speech by Frederick Douglas. In his speech, Douglas asked Americans to “wake up” and realize the evils of slavery. Now DeJear asked Americans to “wake up” once again, referencing laws that protect Iowa elections,

“These current times are feverishly waking America from her slumber, quite possibly the deepest slumber she’s ever been in, and she cannot slip back into the comforts of sleep,” writes DeJear adding, “Douglas’ words are a reminder from the past, that we have been here before.

We know DeJear and most Iowa Democrats running for office oppose Voter ID legislation, but what DeJear says sheds light on her radical beliefs that certainly shape how she would govern if elected.

But DeJear doesn’t stop there. She also attacks Voter ID by equating it to a poll tax, referencing the Deep South’s efforts to keep African Americans from voting following the American Civil War.

“As a result, more than 20 states have created more restrictive voting laws and put in place modern-day poll taxes in the form of ID requirements,” writes DeJear, claiming that voter ID is an attack on political expression.

“Unfortunately, in 2013, a couple of generations of leaders later, our courts sided with the states rather than the people. The courts gave the states the authority to decide how a person exercises their constitutional right to vote. As usual, more than 20 states have created more restrictive voting laws and put in place modern-day poll taxes in form of ID Requirements,” writes DeJear.

What should make Iowans even more concerned is the other writings included in this magazine, for which DeJear is a contributor. For example, one article compares the United States and law enforcement to the domestic terrorist group, the “KKK.” The magazine also includes a poem that says in all capital letters, “BLACK PEOPLE ARE DYING AT THE HANDS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.”

DeJear has not distanced herself from any of these views. On the contrary, her actions are consistent with them. In January, while a guest of a Democratic legislature at the Governor’s condition of the state address, DeJear stayed seated while the Governor asked those in attendance to recognize and honor the sacrifice of all Iowa Law enforcement.