Tensions continue to rise within the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate in Iowa.

Sunday’s virtual forum with the Iowa Senate Democratic candidates began with host State Senator Rob Hogg explaining, “comments about other candidates have been discouraged. This isn’t a debate.”

But that didn’t stop the candidates from pointing out Theresa Greenfield’s money from corporate-funded leadership PACs, as well as corporate CEOs, executives and lobbyists.


Candidate Eddie Mauro pointed out: “The system is broke for both parties. There’s candidates even in this primary that have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from hedge funds tied to the fossil fuel industry. Leadership PACs that are dirty with fossil fuels dollars and Wall Street money are heavily invested in this campaign. We don’t get major action on climate change by electing a Senator with those sorts of dollars financing their campaign.”



When Greenfield continued to repeat her false claims, Mauro couldn’t hide his frustrations as he shook his head in disagreement. Later, Kimberly Graham piled on, referring to Greenfield’s actions as “easy street.”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Chuck Schumer-aligned super PAC, Senate Majority Fund have invested heavily in Theresa Greenfield. Senate Majority Funds has already spent around $5 million to try to boost her name ID.

The primary is June 2nd and early voting is already underway.