In a new campaign ad for Theresa Greenfield, a long time liberal Democrat and donor is misrepresented as merely a “small business owner.” 

The Greenfield for Senate campaign released a new tv ad this week that features a woman named Loretta Sieman. The ad portrays her as an everyday Iowan and small business owner sticking up for Greenfield and dismissing recent concerns about the candidate’s record and ethics. The problem is that Loretta Sieman is a longtime liberal Democrat and former elected official who served 17 years on the City Council in West Des Moines. 

A review of FEC federal campaign contribution reports show that Sieman has only given to Democrats. She has never donated to a Republican running for national office. In an interview with the liberal Democrat blog Bleeding Heartland, Sieman said, “I was born a Democrat.”

The ad from the Greenfield campaign comes after weeks of criticism of Theresa Greenfield’s business practices have come under scrutiny. Several groups have been hitting Greenfield for her poor business record and questionable ethics. The Ernst campaign released a new video exposing Greenfield for her blatant attempt to cover-up her abysmal record as CEO of Rottlund Homes and Colby Interests, and the Republican Party of Iowa held press conferences to draw attention to her failed business record.

“It’s clear that these concerns over Greenfield’s failed business record are hitting home,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Theresa’s team is scrambling – that’s why they resorted to recruiting a well-known liberal to rush to her defense. But this latest attempt to cover-up her shady record is nothing more than an indictment of her flailing campaign. Iowans are beginning to see the real Theresa Greenfield, and they know she can’t be trusted.”

It remains to be seen if the decision to incorporate Sieman into the ad generates more heartburn for the Greenfield campaign than its intended goal of trying to stop questions about her business approaches.