In a recent interview with Peter Bisbee, executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association, candidate Brenna Bird and her attorney general campaign are named the “biggest opportunity” for Republicans. 

Having worked alongside Bird in the past, Bisbee reports that she is an exceptionally qualified candidate, possessing an understanding of national as well as state and local issues with combined experience as both a local prosecutor and county attorney for Guthrie County. While Tom Miller is the nation’s longest-serving state Attorney General, he has lost touch with the concerns and needs of Iowans. 

Republican AG Candidate Brenna Bird

Bird’s pro-life and pro-family policies represent the values of Iowa voters and the culture of its close-knit communities. 

“Iowa is decidedly more conservative today than it has ever been, and the office of attorney general is more important today than it has ever been,” Bisbee said. “It’s not just about state law enforcement and consumer protection issues, it’s about big national issues, the size and scope of government, and how the states and federal government engage with one another, and Brenna is much more in tune with those issues.”  

Bird’s career reflects a willingness to defend conservative policies, stand with law enforcement and protect the agricultural communities that she considers herself a part of

“Tom Miller has lost touch with Iowans on these issues. I think this is a year when Iowans are looking to hire a good lawyer who will fight back for them,” Bird states. We are building a strong campaign and I am honored to have the support of RAGA.” 

Bisbee is proud to support Bird’s candidacy and platform, stating, “we’ll do whatever it takes to get Brenna across the finish line.”  RAGA encourages Iowans to support Bird in the upcoming primary on June 7, 2022.

Brenna Bird is running unopposed in the GOP Primary, she will go on to face Democrat Tom Miller in the November 2022 Midterm Election.