Emmet County farmer Jim Boyer appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning to discuss the agricultural community’s woes under the Biden administration.

In addition to urban and suburban consumers, farmers have been feeling the heat from a 40-year record inflation rate and supply chain woes gripping the country since Biden took office. According to AAA, the price of diesel – which fuels nearly two-thirds of farm equipment – broke its 2008 historic high earlier this month. Other critical agricultural inputs such as fertilizer have similarly skyrocketed in price, a problem compounded by widespread concerns about its availability in light of supply chain issues.

Boyer underscored how these and other economic issues are devastating farmers such as himself. He cited struggle procuring a $40, EPA-mandated censor – without which he cannot use his $250,000 tractor – as one example.

“Costs about $40 to replace that sensor, and they’re on backorder. I’m being told by my implement dealers that it could be a four to six week wait,” Boyer told Fox host Steve Doocy. “There’s just not one of them in the country. So I don’t know if they’re sitting on a ship outside of L.A. or if they’re still in China or where they’re at, but we just can’t get them. So I have a piece of equipment that’s collecting dust in a machine shed.”

Boyer also mentioned how his fuel costs had doubled. In light of record gasoline, natural gas, and diesel prices, Republican lawmakers and even former President Donald Trump have criticized Biden’s environmentalist-driven energy policy, including a crackdown on fossil fuel extraction on federal land and scrapping the Keystone XL pipeline.

When Doocy asked Boyer about his message to Biden, Boyer didn’t hold back.

“Well, I guess I would say, ‘Mr. President, your policies and your leadership style is not only hurting yours and the Democrats’ poll numbers, but it’s hurting American farmers. It’s hurting Americans’,” Boyer replied.

Although the Biden White House has sought to shift blame for inflation and supply chain problems, polling suggests that Boyer isn’t alone in blaming Biden. Numerous polls have found that most Americans are largely blaming the president and his policies for record inflation. Many experts also agree. Numerous economists and commentators, for instance, have attributed America’s current inflation bout to Biden’s multi-trillion dollar stimulus packages passed early in his presidency in response to the COVID pandemic.

A Republican National Committee spokesman similarly emphasized how Biden’s “disastrous” actions in office have contributed to farmer distress and downstream woes for the rest of the country.

“The sweat and toil of Iowa farmers helps feed our families and fuel our cars,” RNC spokesman Kush Desai said in a statement. “When Joe Biden’s disastrous policies hurt our farmers, they’re also hurting our country at large.”