If you’re trying to figure out the difference between the candidates in the US Senate race, Iowa Values Action is going to help make it clear for you. While the group has been extremely active in digital advertising and in Iowans’ mailboxes, they’ll also be on TV during the closing days of the election and their ad lays out a stark contrast.

The organization is also doubling down on its digital efforts with another buy online. And if you feel like you’ve heard this message before, that could be due to their massive radio advertising blitz over the last month.

Throughout the 2020 cycle, no conservative group has been more focused on issues surrounding the US Senate race than Iowa Values. Their website describes the group as “a nonprofit, nonpartisan forum guided by free-market principles. It champions conservative values and is rooted in the belief that Iowa’s greatest asset is its people.” The nonprofit has been active since 2017 to promote these issues. Iowa Values Action, the affiliated Super PAC, does the heavy lifting of direct advocacy for candidates it supports.

Previous Iowa Values Action ads can be found HERE.