Claim by Liz Mathis: “Liz voted to lower taxes for Iowa families.”

The Facts: Liz Mathis voted against the most significant (and bipartisan) tax reform bill
in Iowa’s history this year. Despite acknowledging that “everybody would like an income
tax cut” when she had the opportunity to support the largest tax cut for Iowa families,
ultimately passed with bipartisan support, she voted against it. She also voted against
ending taxes on retirement income. The historic 2022 tax bill that Liz Mathis voted
against created a flat tax for all Iowa families and ended taxes on all retirement income
for Iowa seniors.

There’s no way to spin it: Liz Mathis voted against bipartisan tax cuts for Iowa families
and seniors amid a record inflation crisis caused by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

Grade: Liz gets a resounding F for blatantly lying to Iowans about her record of voting
against tax cuts. Will the rest of the media hold her accountable for these lies?

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