Democrat Senate Candidate Mike Franken has had a tough time on the campaign trail as he continues to stumble with consistent errors and misstatements. 

Before the Democrat’s first debate, Franken was caught by Politifact lying about Senator Grassley’s position in the Senate Finance Committee.

 In a now-deleted tweet, Franken claimed that Grassley no longer served on the Senate Finance committee, when in reality, Grassley has for years.

Both Franken’s insinuation that Grassley chose to leave finance committee leadership and his statement that Grassley left the committee are indisputably false.

Franken has not been paying attention to Grassley’s lead in supporting the largest tax cut in history and the leading passage of the United States Mexico Canada Trade Agreement.

This is not to mention how during a recent debate Franken claimed that the Senate Judiciary Committee was a subcommittee and not one of the sixteen standing committees to process judicial nominations sent from the White House.

Few mistakes occur here and there, but having a consistent pattern of gaffes and spewing of misinformation shows how unprepared and unreliable Franken is to the Iowans he claims to represent.