Today Ashley Hinson announced the endorsement of more than 75 farmers in support of her campaign. Hinson, the Republican Nominee for Congress in Iowa’s First District, also announced that Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig would lead the effort of farmers.

“I’m proud to be on Ashley Hinson’s team,” said Secretary Mike Naig. “We need a strong voice in Washington representing the diverse agriculture in Iowa’s first district. When I speak with farmers and rural businesses across the district, it’s clear Hinson is the leader they believe will best represent them and Iowa’s rural economy,” stated Mike Naig. Naig is formally serving as the Chair of Farmers for Ashley Coalition.

In a press release, the campaign noted that Farmers For Ashley would “serve in an advisory role to Hinson. They will provide regular policy counsel and recommendations that guide her decision making.”

Doug Reimer, a farmer from Clayton County, who is a member of the group, said, “Ashley understands the importance of rural Iowa and cares deeply about our farmers. She is everywhere, and most importantly, she listens.  I’m proud to have been a day one supporter and am going to continue doing everything I can to deliver her a big victory in Clayton County.”

In a statement from the release, Hinson says, “When I go to Washington, I will continue to be a friend of agriculture just like I have been in Des Moines. I will lean on these folks for advice and counsel during the campaign, but more importantly when I am elected to Congress,” said Hinson. “Iowa’s farmers feed the world and fuel our economic engine. Congresswoman Finkenauer considers the Green New Deal to be a ‘creative solution’ when it would put Iowa’s farmers out of business.  We must enact a policy that grows and protects Iowa’s agricultural industry.”

State Representative Ashley Hinson announced her run for Congress in the fall of 2019. In the recent June GOP primary, Ashley garnered 78% of the vote. Political handicappers, The Cook Political Report and Larry J. Sabato from the UVA Center for Politics have rated the first district a “toss-up.” In the November general election, Hinson will take on Democratic incumbent Abby Finkenauer.