Tom Miller’s campaign manager, Jacob Hamblin, has a record of misogynistic and racially charged anti-law enforcement tweets. Tom Miller didn’t tell anyone he hired a new campaign manager, but in the Des Moines Register, a Jacob Hamlin was quoted announcing that Miller’s campaign was returning a $50,000 illegal contribution. 

You can read more about that illegal contribution here

Quote from DMRegister article on illegal contribution to Milller’s campaign.

It’s clear from the Register’s story that Jacob is Tom’s new campaign manager, and this raises its own concerns. 

Posts from 2010, 2011, and 2012 included expletive tweets directed at law enforcement and antagonistic comments about other races and women. Hamblin’s anti-police tweets stated that “America was built on burning things” and “F da police.” The Washington Free Beacon first reported Hamblin’s harmful rhetoric. 

In one particularly damaging tweet posted in March of 2010, Hamblin responded to the question “would he rather be a woman,” by stating, “and have a brain the size of a squirrel. Count me out..” 

Miller is currently running for reelection against Republican Attorney General Candidate Brenna Bird. However, the surfacing of these tweets by Miller’s new campaign manager may further jeopardize the success of Miller’s reelection campaign. 

Similar discriminatory attitudes were also expressed in Hamblin’s comments regarding the appearance of an Asian-American student. He wrote, “in the library and saw this Korean foreign exchange student who lives on my floor, as I went to say hi I realized it wasn’t him… damn Asians.” Regarding Hamblin’s own racial identity, he simply states, “#imsoglad I am white,” posted on December of 2010. 

While many of Hamblin’s tweets have since been deleted, the ripple effects of his language and tasteless remarks are likely to impact his position on Miller’s staff. For Miller, the timing of this discovery could not be worse; as Brenna Bird’s endorsements continue to grow, including the recently announced support of RAGA, and Miller faces public backlash for accepting an illegal $50,000 donation from the Democratic Attorney General’s Association, Miller’s downhill trajectory appears likely to continue. 

With a quickly approaching November election and a Republican candidate who threatens to unseat Miller’s forty-year term, the Miller campaign will be forced to answer for its own campaign manager’s misogynistic, racist, and anti-police messaging.