The Republican National Senatorial Committee dropped a new ad today as a part of their Media buy in Iowa supporting Republican Senator Joni Ernst. The ad highlights Ernst’s opponent, real estate executive Theresa Greenfields’ support for government control in healthcare.

“Democrat Theresa Greenfield can’t be trusted to put the interests of Iowans first and her agenda hurts working families,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Washington Democrats and left-wing special interests have invested heavily in Greenfield, because they know she will support their government-controlled healthcare system – one that could mean higher taxes, closed rural hospitals, and an end to employer-provided coverage. Iowans have concerns about Greenfield’s government-controlled plan, but they shouldn’t expect answers from her since she will be skipping the first U.S. Senate debate today.”

The ad coincidentally coincides with Ernst receiving the highly sought after endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). As well as criticism of Greenfield for blowing off rural Iowans for skipping out on the first US Senate debate in Spencer, IA

Additionally, Ernst spoke remotely this evening during the Republican National Committee National Convention. Her remarks can be seen below.