Iowa Congresswoman Ashely Hinson released a new ad this morning calling on voters to change direction and drawing attention to the woke positions her opponent, liberal democrat Liz Mathis, holds.

“Biden and Pelosi have failed Iowa, and we’re all feeling it. Prices, inflation, way up. Drugs pouring over the border, and woke liberals destroying everything that makes America great,” says  Hinson in the new ad. “My opponent, Liz Mathis, won’t change any of that. She actually wants liberals like Pelosi in charge of our government, our lives, and even our kids. It’s time to change direction and save America before it’s too late.” 

State Senator Liz Mathis has already proven that she would support the Biden-Pelosi agenda. Mathis has been endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, and her campaign is funded by Speaker Pelosi’s pac. Iowa Field Report previously reported that Mathis’s Family Business has invoiced Millions to Wartburg College while Liz sat on the board. Mathis also hired a ‘Defund the Police’ activist to help run her campaign. The Cook Political Report rates the race as “Likely Republican.”