The Republican Party of Iowa held the Lincoln Dinner event featuring United Nations Ambassador and possible 2024 Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley as the main speaker.

Before the event, Haley announced on Twitter that she was in Iowa for the week with Republicans to stop the ‘bleeding’ of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The sold-out event started with fiery remarks from Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann, who ramped up the nearly 500 attendees by calling out the damage that Biden and the Democrats have caused and touting the victories of the Iowa GOP.

“The Republican Party of Iowa is proud and we stand behind her and everything in power to elect her in Iowa because she is the best,” said Kaufmann about Senator Joni Ernst.

Senator Joni Ernst, Chuck Grassley, Rep. Feenstra, Miller-Meeks, and Hinson also made appearances via a video to address the crowd.

All the elected officials welcomed Nikki Haley to the event while expressing the “fierce conservative” advocate she is.

Defunding the police, ignoring the crisis at the border, and the attack of the American dream were brief talking points expressed in the video shown.

Next was Haley’s turn to address the eager crowd.

Haley covered a range of topics, one of the notable ones being critical race theory. “They are teaching the next generation to hate our country-it’s being taught to kids who don’t see color to see color; it’s going to hold back our entire country,” Haley said, bashing the curriculum.

Iowa had recently become headline news when leaked slideshows and documents of CRT training for Iowa educators became available.

Haley also praised how there were many reasons to come to Iowa, specifically on how Iowans have elected a majority of women to office compared to others. “But maybe the biggest reason is that Iowa loves to elect badass Republican women,” said Haley to the ecstatic and jeering crowd.

Comically, Haley told a quick story on Former President Donald Trump on addressing the United Nations. She told him over the phone before addressing the U.N to “talk as if you were in church,” since many were expected to be critical. Yet it was here where Trump asked Haley,  “Do you think it would be alright if I were to refer to Kim Jong-un as Little Rocket Man?”

Eventually, when Trump gave his speech and said the line, Haley recalled that many delegates’ heads swiveled around in surprise and after the translation had been relayed by their earpiece, many smiled. It was shortly after the event Haley had a meeting with a delegate from Uganda who asked, “So, what are we going to do with this Little Rocket Man?”

Throughout the conveying of the story, Haley laughed heartily as she told her experience, all the while praising the former president’s tough stance on China.

The night ended with a moderated session with Haley by GOP Chairman Kaufmann, also joined by Governor Kim Reynolds and Former Governor and former Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad.

Both Haley and Branstad implored the audience on the need for an aggressive approach regarding U.S China relations and the reality of a possible upcoming conflict between Taiwan and China.

“Communist China is the greatest threat to the United states-they threaten our values, farmers, and infrastructure-Joe Biden and the Democrats are hardly in the fight,” said Haley.