As a mom, a TV reporter and a lifelong Iowan, state Rep. Ashley Hinson has spent a lot of time talking with her neighbors. As a state legislator, she has focused her tenure on removing barriers and expanding opportunity so no Iowans are left behind.

In seeking to represent Iowa’s 1st Congressional District in Washington, Hinson will take those same priorities and a consensus-building attitude to meeting our country’s greatest challenges.  

We know that because her tenure in Des Moines has been marked by championing policy reforms through building nonpartisan coalitions.

It’s not enough just to cast the right votes. If you want to ask voters to promote you, you need to be a leader, be willing to resist the status quo, and be willing to stick your neck out without fear of the political consequences. That’s why we’re endorsing Rep. Hinson

She knows that access to quality, affordable health care is front of mind for Iowa families. To ensure more Iowans can get the care they need, when they need it most, Hinson supported legislation to expand access to care at your fingertips by expanding telehealth services — before it became a popular thing to do in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

And, Rep. Hinson knows that fiscal responsibility and economic opportunity are integral to our way of life in Iowa.

She knows that like our families, the government should live within its means. Hinson hasn’t just talked the talk on wasteful spending — she’s made hard decisions to keep state spending under control while still meeting the core responsibilities of state government. That’s a characteristic we’d welcome in Washington. 

So is a belief that the best way government can help people is by empowering them to achieve great things themselves.

That means reducing taxes so hardworking Iowans can keep more of the money they earn. It also means making it easier for them to earn money in the first place by removing barriers that prevent them from earning a living in their chosen profession. It also means reducing red tape on the job creators who make economic prosperity possible. 

Crucially, for Rep. Hinson, expanding opportunity and empowering individuals applies to every Iowan, including those who have made mistakes.

Reaching across the aisle, Hinson fought for second chances and opportunities for those who have paid their debt to society — by making sure individuals are better able to find a job, provide for their families, and in turn, contribute to their communities. That keeps our communities safe and ensures our justice system is smart on crime and soft on taxpayers.

On issue after issue, Rep. Ashley Hinson has been willing to work with anyone to find solutions that benefit all Iowans. And then she has championed those solutions. That’s why we encourage the voters of northeast Iowa to elect her to Congress in November.

Drew Klein is a senior advisor to Americans for Prosperity Action.