Monday, Senator Chuck Grassley hopped on a call with Republican Party County Chairs to thank them for their support and share his concerns about President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ radical agenda.

The Senator took some time to discuss his decision to run for reelection and shared that he expects the same out-of-state groups that tried to influence Senator Joni’s Ernst’s race the last cycle to show up to push the race in the Democrats favor.

“My campaign is off to a strong start. I received the “complete and total” endorsement of President Trump. I’m grateful for his support and that of Governor Reynolds, Senator Ernst, Terry Branstad, Representatives Hinson, Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, and more to come.”


“We saw what happened with Senator Ernst’s race, outside money poured in and the race cost $234 million, the second most expensive race in the country. I’m working hard to ensure I have the resources needed to keep Iowa’s seat in Republican hands. The Republican Senate Majority is on the line.”

Grassley also took the opportunity to express his outrage at President Biden’s disastrous policies and what has happened to the nation as a result.

Senator Chuck Grassley’s Official Photograph

“President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are marching America toward socialism,” said Grassley on the call. He ticked off many failures tied to their leadership, including; mass amnesty and open borders, vaccine mandates, the mess in Afghanistan, and soaring inflation, the highest in 31 years.

Grassley also touched on the Build Back Better legislation that recently passed through the House with a procedural trick called reconciliation. The legislation now heads to the Senate, where Grassley’s rank and seniority will help him stop it.

“As the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I made the case to the Parliamentarian that amnesty is not appropriate for reconciliation and it was thrown out from the Senate framework,” he expained.


“I commit to you now, that I will continue to lead the charge against Democrats’ ploy to put amnesty in their reckless tax and spending bill. It’s completely inappropriate and with the state of our southern border right now, their antics are unacceptable,” said Grassley

Grassley continued, “I will not back down on stopping Democrats from transforming America.”

At the end of the call, just before taking questions, the Senator asked this to everyone on the line,

“..are you better off than you were ten months ago? Are your family, friends and neighbors better off than they were ten months ago? I encourage you to ask them. Because I would bet the farm the answer is no. That dissatisfaction should drive every one of us to work even harder to make sure Republicans take back control of the House and Senate in 2022.”