A group of 11 small business owners in Iowa has sent a letter to Theresa Greenfield, inquiring about her and her company’s decision to evict other small businesses to make way for a multinational corporation.

An excerpt from the letter:

As small business owners, and as Iowans, we are deeply troubled by your record as president of the Des Moines real estate firm Colby Interests of evicting small businesses here in our state to make room for a multinational corporation. This is particularly concerning given your repeated claims as a candidate for U.S. Senate to be a friend of small businesses.

The letter focuses on the 2015 decision to terminate the leases and evict several small businesses based in the Apple Valley Shopping center in Windsor Heights. The message includes five detailed questions for Greenfield about this decision. Greenfield was the president of the business at the time of the evictions and signed the eviction letters.

Those questions are:

1) As president of Colby Interests, why did you make the decision to evict these Iowa small businesses from the Apple Valley Shopping Center, many of which had been there for decades?

2) Why did you provide such short notice (60 days) for these small businesses before their forced displacement?

3) What were the details of the proposed agreement between your firm and the German multinational corporation that led to these Iowa small businesses being evicted?

4) Will you commit to providing detailed records of the proposed agreement between your firm and the German multinational corporation so the public can examine your decisions and actions as president?

5) How can small business owners trust that, given your record of favoring a multinational corporation over Iowa small businesses, you would prioritize our needs as a U.S. Senator?

Click here to view the full letter to Greenfield.