Just when you thought it could not get any worse for Franken, his campaign continues to tout endorsements that hold no value in his run against Senator Chuck Grassley. 

Franken has recently been endorsed by Patty Judge, Jean Lloyd-Jones, and Bonnie Campbell

The campaign is not highlighting that all of these candidates lost by more than double digits to either Grassley or Iowa’s longest-serving chief executive, former Governor Terry Branstad. 

While Franken is anchoring his campaign with losing candidates, at least he’s not seeing Iowa Democrats jump ship like his primary opponent Abby Fineknauer. 

Speaking of jumping ship, during the first Democratic debates, another gaffe occurred.

Franken noted how there are 100 counties within Iowa when there are only 99. This shows how out of touch Franken is regarding the details. 

If Franken can not keep track and handle the small things, how can Iowans expect to entrust him with the big things in Iowan politics?