Wednesday, the American Action Network has released a brand new $1 million advocacy campaign to further their goal of defeating Pelosi and Axne’s plan to raise taxes on small businesses and American families to fund their destructive $2 Trillion infrastructure proposals.

The campaign’s first stage features $300,000 worth of digital and television ads in (IA-03) against Representative Cindy Axne.

The ad shares testimony from a small owner of a manufacturing business, discussing how he and other small businesses like his are still struggling to stay afloat after the pandemic.

In a statement to Iowa Field Report, AAN President Dan Conston explained that this ad is just the beginning of the organization’s effort to push back against Axne’s and Pelosi’s infrastructure plan.

“This is just the first step of our efforts to ensure Americans understand the disastrous consequences Pelosi’s plan would bear for families, small businesses, and our economic recovery,” said Conston


“Families and small businesses need a lifeline to get back on their feet, instead, Pelosi is rubbing salt in their wounds by sticking them with the bill for her liberal political agenda. This plan is all the wrong priorities for what America needs and it’s why lawmakers must fight to stop it,” he concluded