Today, the Republican National Congressional Committee announced that it would begin running a radio ad targeting Iowa Congresswoman Cindy Axne.

Axne, who represents Iowa’s third congressional district, has refused to back down on her support of Rita Hart’s Congressional election challenge.

More than a few National Democrats have said they do not support Hart’s move, which has the blessing of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Cindy Axne is more loyal to Nancy Pelosi than Iowans and we are going to make sure every Iowa voters understands that,” said NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg.

The radio ad is running across Axne’s entire district. A source close to the NRCC told Iowa Field Report they’re prepared to keep the heat on Axne for as long as necessary.



Thou shall not steal.

A simple commandment.

A rule to live by.

But Cindy Axne and Nancy Pelosi

Are working to steal an election here in Iowa.

A Pelosi power play,

Backed by Axne,

To overturn the will…of Iowa’s voters

So call Cindy Axne

Tell her though shall not steal…our trust