In a recent interview with the Des Moines Register Editorial Board Democratic US Senate Candidate, Theresa Greenfield bombed a question on Foreign policy. During the interview, Greenfield is asked about President Trump’s approach to the situation in Afghanistan and the recent agreement with the Taliban. The reply she came up with was positively cringe-worthy, at first seeming to stall for time, then as the clock ticks, she struggles to string together a few words that make sense.

Hmm…you know, um,…[pause]… again, I think…, I’m just going to say this…… It’s about, …um,…[longer pause]…As a U.S. Senator, I want to understand… [pause]…the goals and priorities of our administration. I want to understand the strategies to achieve it, and have that opportunity to judge it.

She finally shares that she thinks the administration’s foreign policies are haphazard.

I’m not always clear as just an everyday Iowan, um, why, what and how. Um, but, as United States Senator, I want to be clear. Um,… so that I could speak up in favor or not in favor. Whether it’s, you know, whatever the locations are around the world.

Got it?

Greenfield’s critics have seized on the video as proof that she’s unprepared for the job of representing Iowa in the US Senate.

We are in the midst of a national crisis, and Theresa Greenfield continuously demonstrates how completely unprepared she is to stand up and fight for Iowans,” said Melissa Deatsch, campaign spokesperson. “Greenfield’s ignorance on the issues is a danger to the livelihood of Iowans.

The Ernst campaign has shared the video clip of Greenfield’s answer as part of their new series of videos they are launching called “Theresa Greenfield: Unplugged and Unprepared.” They claim the videos will demonstrate how utterly unprepared Greenfield is to lead, especially during a national crisis.

Aside from the answer detailed above, the interview went so poorly that the Des Moines Register endorsed her Democratic opponent Mike Franken.