Des Moines – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst’s campaign released a new video showing her opponent, real estate executive Theresa Greenfield refuses to allow public access at events advertised as public. The campaign claims that the footage “exposes Greenfield’s lack of transparency, accessibility”


Greenfield’s campaign has claimed that during the primary campaign, she participated in debates, forums, and over 100 public campaign events. The video seems to indicate that even if events were advertised as public, they were treated as a private event, where guests could be selected to attend or participate based on some unknown criteria.

“After spending the last year following Chuck Schumer’s ‘windowless basement’ strategy, Theresa Greenfield’s lack of transparency and accessibility is on full display. The reality is, Greenfield, refuses to take public positions on many critical issues facing Iowa because she is afraid to tell Iowans the truth about where she stands,” said campaign spokesperson Melissa Deatsch.

Greenfield has kept a very limed public schedule compared to Ernst and her  Democrats she ran against in the primary, even before the coronavirus outbreak. Political insiders have speculated that Greenfields’ operation was forced to do so because she is unprepared for the demands of public events, specifically the scrutiny that candidates endure discussing policy and their agenda.

Greenfield has taken no position on a new climate change plan put forward by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The proposal would devastate Iowa’s farmers and biofuel industry by effectively eliminating the demand for Iowa’s ethanol. It would mandate all cars to become zero-emission by 2035, and heavy-duty trucks are 100 percent zero-emission by 2040. On Tuesday, Ernst called on Greenfield to denounce the plan. The Iowa Republican Party recently released a video that showed several occasions where Greenfield called EPA administrator, Andrew Wheeler, by the wrong name for months.