Joni Ernst, challenged her general election opponent, Democrat Theresa Greenfield, to 6 debates this fall in a video released yesterday.

Standing next to her motorcycle, Joni says, “You know, I haven’t heard Theresa Greenfield say one thing that Chuck Schumer hasn’t told her to say. And, that’s not what Iowans expect in a leader. So I’m challenging Ms. Greenfield to six debates. Two each month, starting in August. Let’s let Iowans hear what we have to say.”

The challenge comes from Ernst after Greenfield has spent months laying low, raising cash, and letting large television ad buys boost her name recognition. Greenfield has refused to take a position on important issues such as the movement to defund the police and has ignored media inquiries about her record as a real estate executive and her decision to evict several small businesses in 2015 on behalf of a large multinational big-box chain.