Late last month, the Defund the Police organization, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, endorsed Deidre DeJear.

It makes sense for an organization that has called to defund the police to endorse a candidate who refused even to stand to honor law enforcement’s sacrifice. But what doesn’t make sense is that CCI has refused to publish DeJear’s answers to their endorsement questionnaire.


In the past, CCI has been proud to display candidates’ answers. Here’s Kimberly Graham’s.

But CCI and the DeJear campaign have been mum on how DeJear responded. Her answers to questions relating to police funding, farming and climate change, illegal immigraiton and much more are under lock and key—at least for now

Stay tuned to see if those answers surface and whether what DeJear has been telling the press is consistent with what she told CCI. These things tend to come out…eventually.