On Thursday, July 7, The Nunn for Congress campaign and Republican National Committee held a grassroots volunteer phonebank. 

Those in attendance were none other than RNC co-chair Tommy Hicks and Former State Sen. Zach Nunn to thank volunteers for their work and motivate supporters for the November elections. 

In his brief speech, Nunn talked about recent meetings with Ambassador Nikki Haley on the Southern Border Crisis and Senator Tom Cotton about upholding the constitution. 

“We have an admistration that has abandoned its responsibility,” said Nunn to the 30 phone bank volunteers. “Trump is in my corner, but most of all, he is in your corner,” noted Nunn, mentioning his recent endorsement from Former President Donald Trump.

Hicks hit on the lack of representation of Iowan voices in D.C., something that would change with Nunn’s run and other republicans volunteering and becoming active in local politics. 

“Dems act like they have a mandate to control everything about your life,” criticized Hicks of the Democrat party. 

In an interview, Hicks mentioned the essentialness of voter participation and volunteer work. 

“Look everyone in this room is an ambassador for the candidates and the Republican party-every conversation matters and every vote makes a difference and I just love our team,” Tommy Hicks said to Iowa Field Report.