A mob of over one thousand broke into the United States Capitol yesterday while both houses of Congress deliberated over objections to the November Presidential election results. Congress was in session to certify the votes from the Electoral College.

The criminals rampaged through the capital, leaving a trail of destruction including broken glass and damaged furniture. They forced their way through an entrance with a dismantled portion of a police barricade. Politico and several other media outlets are reporting four individuals died. One woman died from a gunshot wound received while trying to climb through a window barricaded by police to protect capital staffers and elected congress members.

Below is a collection of Republicans reacting to those events.


Governor Kim Reynolds shared this statement from Des Moines.


Both of Iowa’s US Senators had strong words for the violence.


Former President George W. Bush issued a statement via his Library

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann condemned the violence via Twitter. 

The Republican National Committee and its Chairwoman released statements. This week is the RNC’s winter meeting in Florida. 

Iowa’s House Delegation weighed in throughout the day. 

Earlier in the day, Hinson asked the President to call for an end to the unrest.

Later in the afternoon, Rep. Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, and Hinson made a point to go out and personally thank members of the Capitol Police force.

The only Democrat in the delegation, Rep Axne:

The FBI is seeking any and all tips on the incident.