A fellow Congress member took to Twitter today to call out Congresswoman Cindy Axne’s (D-IA) hypocritical position on bipartisanship.

Fresh off her slim election win, Axne gave an interview to Raccoon Valley Radio in an attempt to whitewash her left-wing allegiances and outrageous campaign rhetoric last fall. The interview, titled Axne Hopeful For Bipartisan 2021, is all about her lamenting how ineffective Congress has been and how she wants to be part of the solution, rather than more of the same.

Congresswoman Axne in the interview:

“I firmly believe that we need to do everything as much as we possibly can from a bipartisan perspective. I know that’s how we will come together, find solutions and move agendas forward. But, we also need to make sure we don’t have gridlock like we did last time.”

Axne’s official office promptly blasted it out on social media.

The tweet and interview were too much to handle for Congressman Jason Smith representing Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. He asked for some clarification.

The tweet features a screenshot of a redacted email from Congresswoman Axne’s staff notifying Rep. Smith’s staff that Anxe would not be working with the Republican member on a would-be bipartisan issue.

What happened to  “…we need to do everything as much as we possibly can from a bipartisan perspective”?

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