Pro-abortion activist organization NARAL, which called for the defunding of police, has endorsed Iowa Rep. Cindy Axne.

“It’s time to defund the police. After multiple failed attempts to change the culture of policing, it’s clear that police have not succeeded n reckoning with the generation of systemic racism, oppression, and state violence it has engaged in. We must continue to do better,” read the tweet posted in April.

There has been no comment from the Axne campaign on if she shares the organization’s views after they endorsed her.

Overall, the United States experienced a 25% increase in homicides in 2020, according to a BBC report.

Major cities, such as Chicago, have also experienced a spike in crime. according to NBC News,” Homicides so far this year have risen 33 percent compared to the same time period in 2019.”

Earlier this week, Axne praised Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “smart” while talking about support of the Green New Deal.