Just when it seems the overreach of Big Tech could not go any farther, Facebook decided to flag Senator Chuck Grassley’s recent post on the Durham Probe as “False Information.

Last week, Special Counsel of the Department Of Justice John Durham released court filings that alleged Former Secretary Of State and 2016 Presidential Nominee Hilliary Clinton of hiring techs to infiltrate Trump Tower and White House servers to develop a fabricated Russian narrative.

Other than the court filings, other testimony and quotes from a congressional investigator were included in the Fox News article posted by the Senator.

“When I shared that news story with Iowans, Facebook promptly censored the article, labeling it ‘[f]alse information’ as judged by so-called ‘independent fact-checkers.’ Since when is sharing routine reporting about federal court documents considered cause for censoring an elected representative of the American people,” said Grassley.

Last week’s Court filings from the Durham probe were barely touched by legacy media, with menial to no press coverage as liberal commentators labeled the latest report as a “conspiracy theory.”

The indictment against the Former Clinton Campaign Attorney Micheal Sussmann involved in the investigation alleges he billed the Clinton Campaign for work on Russia-Bank-1 allegations. Sussman is currently charged with making a false statement to a federal agent.

“Social media censorship isn’t new. But the rules used to only pertain to obscene or threatening material. Now, woke Big Tech monopolists are censoring news that undermines their preferred worldview and preference for Democrat political candidates. We watched it happen when Twitter banned anybody who discussed allegations of Hunter Biden’s corrupt Ukraine and China ties in the weeks before the 2020 election. We saw people labeled conspiracy theorists when facts began to show the coronavirus may have been released from a Chinese lab. And if you previously said that you could still catch COVID-19 even after being vaccinated and boosted, you were considered a COVID denier. Now? These are all accepted facts,” said Grassley.

Over the past few years, Grassley has helped craft legislation to promote competition within the marketplace of social media software and other bills to hold big tech “accountable.”