Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Senator Chuck Grassley is taking further aim at the Biden administration’s misguided “‘violent crime strategy’ to combat the recent uptick of crime across the states. 

“People are legally buying guns at such a high rate because they no longer have the safety afforded by a fully funded and empowered police force. The President’s policy confuses cause for effect: de-policing causes Americans to turn to firearms to protect themselves. Increased firearm acquisition is fueled by rising crime rates, not the other way around,” Grassley wrote in a response to the latest. 

Grassley further alleged that nothing had been done with the over 500 violent domestic terrorism cases over the race riots of summer 2020. 

No reports have informed the judiciary committee whether career officials were consulted on any said policies laid out in the new ‘strategy’ and if political appointees ‘sought to change’ the specific characterizations of what domestic terrorism incidences are and are not.