Recently, Michelle Root, the mother who lost her daughter to an undocumented immigrant who drunk drove and killed her daughter in a car accident, gave testimony to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. 

Before Root gave damning testimony on how Democrat-led border policies have failed over the years, Grassley gave a few opening remarks.

Whether it be terminating physical barrier construction at the border, severely limiting the ability of ICE to enforce our immigration laws, or supporting sanctuary cities, the Biden Administration has actively sought to undermine border security and immigration enforcement,” Grassley said. 

Root opened up her testimony describing her daughter as one who had just earned her college degree and maintained a 4.0-grade point average.

“Sarah was my only daughter and she made me want to be a better person because she was so kind and loving. She put others before herself, and no matter how busy she was, she made time for friends and family,” expressed Root.


“Her dreams were crushed because people believe they can enter this country and carry out criminal actions without recourse. And because some members of Congress are determined to let them,” Root asserted.

In a Jab to Democrat legislation, Root expressed her opposition against the Dream act, where she contended if enacted into law, the bill would ‘benefit people who are charged with crimes,” and legalize people into the U.S who are already convicted of violent crimes.  

Root also hit on the crime data of the USCIC, “According to USCIS, nearly 60,000 recipients had arrest records-In their study, about 200 people who requested DACA had 10 or more arrests–and one-fourth of them had their case approved-And yet under the dream act, anyone with DACA would get a conditional green card unless the person had done something after getting DACA that would make them ineligible.”

Sarah’s law, named after Michelle Root’s daughter Sarah Root, was backed by Grassley, Ernst, and other Senators. However, the law was blocked Tom Udall (D-NM)

The law would have required that federal law enforcement detain undocumented immigrants criminally charged with seriously injuring or killing another person. 

VIDEO: United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary