Both Senator Grassley and Senator Shaheen joined forces to reintroduce the Survivors’ Bill Of Rights in the States Act of 2021.

The federal statute created in 2016, which the new legislation is based on, provides additional rights for victims of sexual violence in federal cases.

Founder of Rise and Political Activist Amanda Nguyen inspired the Grassley team to work with her after presenting her story to the Senate Judiciary committee advocating for more protections to victims on the federal level.

In 2016, Former President Obama signed the bill into law establishing new rights for survivors.

“Since first meeting Amanda Nguyen and hearing her story, I’ve worked with my colleagues on a bipartisan basis to help turn her Survivors’ Bill of Rights proposal into law. Amanda has worked for hand in hand with both political parties on this bill to establish new rights for survivors of sexual violence. This is the way it should be because regardless of political party, all members of Congress should be empowering survivors of sexual violence,” said Grassley when the bill was signed.

Examples of rights provided by the Grassley campaign include the right to have evidence preserved for a certain period, the right to notice before their forensic kit is destroyed, and the right to know the results of their forensic exam.

Any state that chooses to adopt said legislation on survivors of sexual violence will have the opportunity to apply and receive federal grants.

According to the legislation, the grant will be calculated based on the formula used to determine STOP grant funding to states authorized by the Violence Against Women Act.

“I want to take the opportunity to again thank Amanda, who arrived in my office six years ago and convinced me of the importance of working with her on this important initiative. Amanda also later testified before the Judiciary Committee on two occasions, at my invitation, about the importance of protecting the rights of victims of sexual violence in the criminal justice system,” said Grassley.

The full text of the legislation can be viewed below.