Iowa’s Chuck Grassley is aiming at the progressive anti-police agenda trying to undermine American law enforcement. 

Appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a press release last week on the DOJ’s new initiative of dealing with the spike of violent crime across the nation that seemingly seeks to shift funding and attention away from law enforcement to reduce crime. 

“I am concerned as I review your very different answer to the problem of rising violent crime. First, I must tell you it is extremely difficult to discern what you are committing to do at all.… Your use of terms about shifting attention to community-based programs and setting strategic enforcement priorities has led me to believe your intention is to shift money and attention away from direct law enforcement to other priorities, in short, to defund the police,” Grassley wrote in a letter sent to Garland. (Link to letter)

This week, The United States Senate passed the Confidentiality Opportunities for Peer Support (COPS), a bill authored by Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Cortex Mastro. 

The COPS bill heavily advises creating law enforcement peer counseling programs across the country while maintaining the confidentiality of those who discuss information with federal law enforcement officers during said sessions. The bill is modeled after Nevada’s confidentiality laws. 

Link to Bill.

Law enforcement officers across the country sacrifice so much to keep our communities safe and healthy, and they often endure challenging and traumatic situations in the process. Confidential peer counseling programs provide an important mental health outlet for these officers to share their experiences, decompress and receive guidance,” Grassley explained.


This bill ensures officers have an opportunity to participate in peer counseling with the confidence that their privacy will be protected. I appreciate Sen. Cortez Masto’s leadership in this effort. The House should send this bill to President Biden’s desk right away,” he continued. 

While the Department of Justice leadership and prominent Democrats push to defund police nationwide, Chuck Grassley continues to keep Americans safe by countering the dangerous initiative that pushes to undermine the very law enforcement institutions that keep all Americans protected.