Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley will join fellow senators on a trip to survey Biden’s Border Crisis this weekend. Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn of Texas are hosting the trip. As the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Grassley holds the reins of immigration policy for Republicans in Congress. Grassley has sounded the alarm on the lack of security at America’s southern border for decades. The Biden administration has been hesitant to call the surge at the border a “crisis” after President Biden gave campaign speeches that ended up encouraging migrants to come to our country. Somehow surprised by the results of his own actions, President Biden is now overwhelmed by migrants taking him up on his offer of loosey-goosey border policies. No border security during a pandemic is not only a national security crisis; it’s a public health crisis!

Keeping Americans safe is the number one responsibility of the federal government, and President Biden is jeopardizing Americans’ security with porous borders. Sarah Root of Council Bluffs was killed in 2016 by a drunk driver in our country illegally. Democrats have repeatedly voted against deporting illegal immigrants who commit a crime while in our country. The new administration even tried to temporarily stop deportations completely but was, thankfully, shut down by a federal judge. Just this month, Democrats voted to give $1400 stimulus checks to illegal immigrants. Instead of securing our borders, Democrats are incentivizing criminals to stay in the country and even give them a check from the taxpayers once they are here.

Sen. Chuck Grassley has been a stalwart proponent of sound immigration policy. Grassley has been on the warpath to end citizenship for sale through the corrupted EB5 Investor Visa Program. That program allows Chinese and Russian billionaires to game the system to buy their way into America. Grassley has long advocated for that hogwash to stop and instead allocate EB5 visa investments to underserved or rural areas, not overdeveloped places like Manhattan and California.

A reminder to our readers, it was Chuck Grassley, who in 2018 proudly served as the lead sponsor of President Trump’s immigration agenda in the Secure and Succeed Act. There is no question that President Trump and Senator Grassley put Americans’ safety and security over those trying to enter our country illegally.

We believe we speak for many Iowans when we say we are grateful for Grassley’s efforts to secure the border and bring attention to this crisis created by the Biden administration.