Recently, the Biden Administration has proven once again how out of touch they are with everyday Americans. Instead of addressing the skyrocketing costs of gasoline across the country, they have now passed the buck onto American families by telling them to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a brand-new electric vehicle.

Since President Biden took office in January, inflation has soared to its highest level in over 30 years, with gas prices rising over 69% from $2.42 a gallon on average to $3.49 with no signs of stopping or even slowing down.

In fact, the cost of consumer goods has risen so much that purchasing an electric vehicle is impossible for a majority of American families. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index, the cost of new vehicles has increased 9.8% since last year, and for those looking to save money by purchasing a used vehicle, they are looking at a 26.4% increase in cost.

Along with the exorbitant cost of an electric vehicle, I am also shocked that anyone would suggest that purchasing an electric vehicle would help consumers with transportation costs. The cost of electricity has increased 6.5%, with data showing the average electric vehicle costs more to power in 2021 than a combustion engine car that gets reasonable gas mileage.

Even the automotive industry leaders believe that suggestions for families to immediately transition to electric vehicles is “beyond the limits” of what the industry can sustain. Vehicle costs are already rising and a supply shortage will only add to this crisis. Electric vehicles are more expensive than traditional cars and a lack of supply will not

Americans’ pocketbooks are hurting due to the failed policies and excessive spending of this Administration. It is unacceptable that they have failed to take accountability and now expect families to accept the fact that they are doing nothing to lower gas prices and other consumer goods.

We need to be working to help families, not hurting them.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks is a resident of Ottumwa who currently represents Iowa’s Second District in the United States House of Representatives.