Republican Congressional Candidate Zach Nunn blasted Congresswoman Cindy Axne (D-IA)  today over her willingness to “check and see” about a mask mandate “at the federal level.”

Axne, Iowa’s lone congressional Democrat, made the comments at a recent town hall event where a constituent asked Axne about the federal government stepping in to mandate face masks for kids in schools. Axne responded that she would “check and see” what she could do “at the federal level.” the exchange was first reported on the website Breitbart.

In response to the comments, Nunn said Iowans should be free to make their own choices.

“Cindy Axne wants to ‘check and see’ if the federal government can impose a mask mandate on every citizen. What she should really check is what the people of Iowa want: No mask mandates!”, said candidate Zach Nunn in a statement to Iowa Field Report.


“Iowans don’t want politicians in Washington deciding these things. They want the freedom to make their own decisions about how to protect themselves and their families.”


Cindy Axne wants the Federal government to impose a mask mandate on school kids in Iowa. She's exactly wrong. Iowans don't want mask mandates, especially from politicians in Washington D.C. We want the freedom to make our own decisions about how to protect ourselves and our families.

Posted by Zach Nunn for Congress on Friday, August 6, 2021

Zach Nunn, a combat veteran, and lifelong Iowan, announced his candidacy for congress on July 13th. Nunn currently serves as a State Senator in the Iowa Legislature.