Remember Jamie Raskin? The radical East Coast liberal that Cindy Axne gave her vote to? Well, he’s back.

After voting on behalf of Iowa’s third congressional district while Cindy Axne was too busy to come to work, Raskin is apparently still hungry to insert himself in the business of Iowans.


It was revealed recently that Raskin, a liberal Democrat from Maryland, is expected to be tapped to run point on the Nancy Pelosi-led House administration committee tasked with reviewing the results of Iowa’s second congressional race.

Republican state senator Mariannette Miller-Meeks defeated Rita Hart. Hart requested a recount but still came up short. The bipartisan state canvassing board officially certified Miller-Meeks the winner on November 30th.

Hart, still unsatisfied, wasn’t done yet. After the certification was official, she still had the option of presenting her case to a tribunal of Iowa judges. Still, she decided to take a different approach: A purely political one. She went to the beacon of truth and integrity we all know, Nancy Pelosi and her democratically run House of Representatives, to overturn the will of the voters of Iowa’s second congressional district.

Jamie Raskin (D) Maryland – similar to official headshot.

Raskin is driven first and foremost by politics – the tweet below highlights this perfectly. Here he is at a rally before Donald Trump took office, announcing that he would be voting to impeach him.

What else do we know about Raskin? From Iowa Field Report in October:

The man who has been voting for Cindy Axne – and the constituents of Iowa’s Third District, which she represents – is a far-left East Coast Representative from Maryland named Jamie Raskin. He proudly lauds himself as one of the most liberal members of Congress. He supports doing away with the Electoral College and co-wrote an editorial with Sen. Elizabeth Warren advocating for national ranked voting. According to Project Vote Smart supports raising income and corporate taxes on any tax bracket.


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Sadly, we’ve saved the worst for last. Raskin spent much of this campaign cycle raising money for Rita Hart via his own Joint Fundraising Committee!  The Twelfth Amendment Defenders Fund was registered with the FEC on September 25th By Raskin’s Finance Director and Senior Political Advisor. Here is the statement of Organization Filed with the FEC. Below is a screenshot with a few of the beneficiaries – Recognize anyone?


Not exactly the non-partisan judicial tribunal that Rita would have gotten if she’d stayed in Iowa, but that’s the point. Between his socialist policy positions, his outrageous public conduct, and his efforts to elect Rita Hart to the very seat, he’s now tasked with “reviewing” Iowans should rightfully be nauseous.