Senator Chuck Grassley has been making moves in his latest legislation to combat Human and Sex Trafficking nationwide. 

The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act Of 2022, introduced in the House and the Senate along with Senator Feinstein, will reauthorize and establish essential programs to prevent trafficking, provide services to victims, increase federal coordination to combat the issue, and reinforce justice for survivors. 

“Many Americans tend to view human slavery as a thing of the past. We read about it in our history books and collectively cringe at the concept of such injustice. Unfortunately, however, the reality is that human slavery is alive and well, even today, in the form of sex and labor trafficking,” Grassley said in prepared remarks in the Senate Judiciary. 

As maintained by the latest State Department’s annual Trafficking in Person report, human trafficking overall accumulates over $150 billion in business, directed Grassley. 

“The bill we’ve championed would extend several key victims’ services programs that were established under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. It would promote screening of human trafficking victims, enhance training for federal investigators and start a pilot program for youth at high risk of being trafficked,” Grassley said. 

The new legislation is in conjunction with The Survivor’s Bill Of Rights in the States Act, developed by human rights activist Amanda Nguyen and Senator Grassley, which advocates that states ensure the federal rights of survivors of human trafficking.

Just last month, Secretary of State Paul Pate has also led the state of Iowa in a movement of awareness for human trafficking by gathering businesses to educate them of signs of possible abuse taking place.