As we reported last month, Iowa Senate Democrats have elected sexual harasser Nate Boulton to the leadership ranks, all but declaring that the #MeToo movement is over in Iowa. Today, we found out why. 


Speaking to the Iowa City Press-Citizen reporter Zachary Oren Smith, Senate Minority Leader Zach Wahls said that, unlike his predecessor Janet Peterson, he would not call on Boulton to resign because of his sexual harassment against several women. Instead, he expressed his support for the caucus, making Boulton a leader, saying that because of his experience as a labor attorney, Boulton would be “useful.” 

“Useful” Creep, Sen. Nate Boulton

So maybe the #MeToo movement isn’t over entirely. If you’re not “useful,” you’re still cast to the side like the worthless dog you are. But if you’re useful–well, then you keep on keepin on. Or, in this case, you get a promotion.