The Iowa State Fair is back, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is celebrating, and liberals are screaming.

With vaccines free and available to anyone who wants one, the greatest state fair on earth is returning August 12-22, having been canceled last year because of the pandemic.

Most Iowans, to say the least, are thrilled. And Governor Reynolds is one of them. A big fan of the Fair, you’ll find her there every day, every year. And to celebrate the Fair coming back after a year hiatus, the Governor’s campaign is selling shirts with the simple message: “You’ll find me at the Fair”

County Senator Grassley as a fan. Iowa’s senior statesman and Fairgoer tweeted support for the shirt, letting people know that he will (obviously) be there.

But not everyone loves it. The liberals who call Twitter home are livid. Everyone who attends the maskless Fair will kill people, they say.

Predictable. And another reminder of why we can’t give these people the reins to government.