Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was at the United States Southern Border today. She had a message for Joe Biden, “Do your job!”

During her remarks at the press conference, Gov. Reynolds spoke at length about an issue that happened earlier this summer. Nineteen unaccompanied minors were flown into the Des Moines Airport in the middle of the night, when state officials asked the federal government if it was their involvement, the federal government initially denied it. Only to later confirm it was them.

Gov. Reynolds also joined with 9 other GOP governors to discuss how the southern border crisis affects all 50 states. Addionalally, governors from Nebraska and Ohio joined with Reynolds to talk specifically about the rise in drug seizures.

Iowa rests on a critical transportation junction. Both I35 and I80 intersect here in Des Moines.

The latest public opinion polls have shown that the border crisis is taking its toll on Biden’s poll numbers. A recent Des Moines Register Poll found Joe Biden with a 31% approval 62% disapproval on his overall job performance. On immigration specifically, it was “25% approve and 67% disapprove.”