At a press conference Wednesday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said no to so-called vaccine passports and noted that she is weighing her options to prevent their use, including legislation or executive order.

“I’ve consistently put my trust in Iowans to do the right thing rather than demand or mandate it, and vaccination is no different,” said the Governor.


“While I believe in the efficacy of the vaccine enough to get it myself and encourage Iowans to do the same, I also respect that it’s a personal choice. But I strongly oppose vaccine passports and I believe that we must take a stand as a state against them. Which I intend to do through legislation or executive action.”

Vaccine passports have become a lightning rod issue. In addition to health privacy concerns, some think they will be used as a weapon against those who choose not to get vaccinated and create two classes of citizens.

You can watch the full press conference below.