Democrat State Senator Kevin Kinney falsely claimed to be the only full-time farmer in the Iowa Senate. It’s a breathtakingly false claim, divorced completely from reality. More egregiously, it is a claim he fully knows is not true. Kinney has been in the Senate for 8 years and he knows the occupation of many of his fellow Senators. According to the “Official Directory of the Legislature” no fewer than 9 other Senators listed farmer as their occupation. That number does not include at least two more Senators who farm but did not list farmers as their occupation in the directory.

Furthermore, Kinney listed his occupation as Farmer/Retired Deputy Sheriff. So, not only is he not the only full-time farmer in the Senate as he claims, it can easily be argued he is not even a full-time farmer, since he collects a pension as a retired public employee.

Democrats have filled Kinney’s head with beliefs he can win a seat Joe Biden lost by 10.5%. Biden’s disapproval has since skyrocketed and Democrats across the country are preparing for a wipeout of truly historic proportions. It’s a telling sign Kinney and Iowa Democrats have already stooped to outright lies to prop up his campaign and it is only May. At this rate, the truth may be the biggest victim of his ill-fated campaign.

Kinney pushed this false claim on multiple social media platforms and to date, the Gazette’s “Fact Check” Team has been unable to verify the validity of the claim. It is another indictment of the “Fact Check” team’s credibility.