March 3rd, 2020

Representative Bruce Bearinger portrays himself as a left of center problem solver to his constituents. However, his private social media account says otherwise.

A review of Bruce Bearinger’s Facebook account by Iowa Field Report indicates that he maintains radical ideological views that almost certainly do not sync up with the constituents he represents.

Bearinger was first elected in 2012 to represent District 64. The district is a top target for Republicans in 2020. In 2016, Donald Trump carried the district by 13 points. In 2018, Governor Kim Reynolds took the district by 5.

You can find Representative Bearinger’s Facebook page here.

A list of all of the pages that he “likes” on Facebook can be found here. Most are innocuous and expected for a Democratic legislator. He subscribes to at least five pages that are focused on anti-Trump content. Their titles are the Anti-Trump Army, Expose Trump, Impeach Trump, Trump Sucks, and Fight Trump.  While it might not be surprising for a Democratic legislator to hate Trump, it is noteworthy if they subscribe to content that categorizes their constituents as Nazis and members of the Ku Klux Klan. The page called Donald Trump Is Not My President, liked by Representative Bearinger, does just that. Here are examples of the especially vitriolic content the page espouses.

Comparing President Trump to Hitler

Republicans are Nazis

Trump voters are the KKK

Representative Bearinger’s office refused to provide comment on this matter.

“Rep. Bearinger’s constituents voted overwhelmingly for President Trump less than four years ago, and while he tries to act like a centrist, it’s clear that his social media activity reflects the opposite,” said Aaron Britt, spokesman for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Bearinger’s constituents deserve to know that he’s a member of the unhinged, far-left resistance who believes supporters of President Trump and his policies are nothing more than racists.

“Whether it’s sponsoring radical legislation or siding with the fringe members of the House Democratic caucus over the needs of his legislative district, it’s clear that Bearinger doesn’t have his constituents’ best interests in mind.”

Bruce Bearinger will be up for reelection this fall. His likely opponent will be Farmer Chad Ingels of Randalia, IA.