Iowa House Representative Carter Nordman received a profanity-laced voicemail, claiming that requiring the pledge of allegiance in Iowan schools is racist and ‘white nationalist.’

“Our children aren’t proud to be American, maybe the white suburban kids out in Adel are proud to be American because their rights are afforded to them every day and they don’t have to fight for them,” the caller said.

The woman proceeded to list off varying social statuses such as women, elderly, and minorities as people not being “F***ing proud.”

“What are we F****ing proud of our racist history,” asked the caller angrily.

Rep. Nordman spoke to Iowa Field Report about the call and defended the United States.

“Where else on this planet can you go on and have these freedoms and opportunities than America-America is so great that even the people who hate it don’t want to leave,” he said.

Nordman shared that he had reached back out to the caller to talk with her, yet the caller had no further interest in discussing the issue with him.

“Radical left-leaning people would stick to their echo chambers,” he said, rather than discuss the issue with someone of an opposing view.

He shared his disappointment with how America has gotten to the point where even being patriotic is now considered racist or rooted in white nationalism.