As America’s mainstream culture continues to devolve from a Christian values based-representative republic to a mob-rule, squeaky-wheel type democracy, the issues get more and more extreme. Unheard-of-before issues supported by very few rise to the surface, while the vast majority of citizens are shouted down or embarrassed to even talk about them.

The latest push to change our culture involves allowing boys who pretend to be girls to participate in girls’ sports.

Unheard of just a year ago, this practice has become the latest push to destabilize and divide America and marginalize those who speak out against the entire Marxist movement. Until recently, everyone understood that for reasons of safety, competition, and camaraderie, young women and men have formed separate teams and leagues. This was based on both common sense and biological science. The left now demands we abandon both.

We now have young men who want to be women participating in women’s sports. This predictably leads to tournaments, games, and performance records being won by an individual who is biologically different than their competitors. Girls and women who have trained and practiced all of their lives are losing scholarships, memories, and rewarding life lessons due to political correctness and cowardice of the adults who should be protecting them.

The science is simple on this issue. Testosterone is the growth hormone that increases the size and strength of bone and muscle mass. It also increases competitive drive and aggression. This is an undisputed truth. Imagine if a girl who knows she is a girl would choose to undergo testosterone hormone therapy. It would be considered an illegal performance enhancing drug. But if a boy chooses to play on a female sports team we are now expected to overlook the testosterone advantage he enjoys.

It would seem if this issue has any positives, it is that boys in girls sports has revealed more of the hierarchy of liberal victim rankings. It is now clear that women who know they are women rank below individuals suffering from gender dysphoria. Just as Asian-American citizens are ranked below African-American college applicants based on quotas limiting Asian-Americans and reserving spots for African-Americans. The left doesn’t want equality, it wants control for its own benefit.

A possible solution has been offered next door in Nebraska. If a young man wants to participate in female sports, he must first undergo a year of hormone therapy to lower the natural testosterone in male bodies. They would also be required to use private bathrooms and locker rooms or those that match how they were born. I don’t think it is healthy, but it is their choice at some point. I also question if it is possible to truly level the athletic playing field using hormone therapy.

In order to protect women and their sports, in order to stand up to the leftist, Marxist movement to change America, and to stop giving incentives to the destructive changes boys and girls are doing to themselves, we must take a stand.

State Senator Jason Schultz